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Watch ZAGRO-UK / E-MAXI in action 

Watch ZAGRO-UK / E-MAXI in action 

Huge shunting power, unmatched manoeuvrability and incredible tractive force.  All that , coupled to the most versatile and clean shunting technology available.


Use the ZAGRO-UK / E -MAXI to perform your shunting work in railway operations, public transportation and industrial services on open and level-even track sites. The railcar mover has been designed for combined operation both indoors and outdoors. It stands for emission-free operation on rails.

The new development of this battery-driven road/rail vehicle is based on the long-standing experience by the manufacturer ZAGRO. The hauler with four electric motors including stepless control for the individually driven wheels and the patented rail guidance equipment sets new standards in shunting technology, on railway or roadway.

Environment-friendly manufacture and operation. Easy handling, compact, speedy and versatile.

Its rechargeable high-performance batteries ensure emission free and silent operation. Recyclable materials guarantee best environmental compatibility. Its variety of coupling systems and special equipment for specific needs makes the small and agile power package a novelty in road/rail technology. Its radio remote control facilitates efficient one-man operation and creates best conditions for both ecologic and economic shunting performance.


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