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Ready for any challenge. The Unimog.

The efficient solution for many farming, arboricultural and agricultural applications.

Where maximum versatility meets efficiency: the Unimog.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is in a league of its own: Work and tractor vehicle in one. It combines extreme versatility on the job, high transport speeds and out- standing off-road mobility.

The Unimog can be used all year round by using various implements fitted to its four attachment and mounting points. Whether driving over fields or on the road: the Unimog is the most effective transport solution – and, thanks to its low fuel consumption, it is extremely economical as well.

Fast and economical for any terrain.
The end of the road is no reason for your transport to come to a standstill: With the pressure resulting from continually increasing costs and distances, it is particularly important for farmers and private contractors to have fast and efficient transport solutions. When alternating between field and farm, roads and silos, the Unimog is really able to demonstrate its abilities: safe off-road driving, easy-going on the soil, fast and safe on the road – all combined with a large payload and high tractive power. The Unimog is capable of completing complex operations with very moderate fuel consumption. That means you get more use for lower costs per kilometre. Economic efficiency that pays.

The Unimog has undisputed advantages when used for agricultural transport operations over both field and road. The advantages of the Unimog system make it versatile, economical to run and efficient, and with its Euro 6 engines it meets the high emission standards for commercial vehicles. It is a safe investment for the future of your fleet as it incorporates all the reliability and durability of a Mercedes-Benz.

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Carry on working when others have to stand still.

Work efficiently and comfortably all year round. Unimog makes it possible. Its implement-carrying concept was developed so that you are able to complete your operations economically, powerfully and efficiently – whether it is for fast transport jobs or for especially economical year-round operations such as mowing, clearing snow or cleaning.

Always at the ready. The Unimog manages to get just about anywhere, and will go to work for you whatever the terrain. In part this is thanks to Tirecontrol Plus, the central tyre inflation system (CTIS). With the option to select between three modes – road, sand and rough track – the correct setting for the vehicle’s weight and speed is just a button push away.

On-demand hydraulic systems: from simple tilting hydraulics to power hydraulics, VarioPower® supplies the optimum solution for a whole range of purposes, e.g. the new high-performance and fuel-efficient load-sensing hydraulic system with up to 110 l/min oil flow and 240 bars of pressure.

The Unimog implement carrier concept enables economical, high-performance and, above all, efficient operation. Even the most demanding jobs in agriculture and forestry, such as those involving large-scale wood chippers, loading trailers or wide-area spreaders, are problem free.

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