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Twice as efficient - on the road and on the rails.

The new Unimog road-railer BlueTec 6.

ZAGRO UK road-rail products are supplied in the UK by South Cave Tractors Ltd, The Home of Mercedes-Benz Unimog in the UK
ZAGRO UK road-rail products are supplied in the UK by South Cave Tractors Ltd, The Home of Mercedes-Benz Unimog in the UK

A singular idea with decades of experience to its name.

Those things which impressed our customers in the previous model series were the focal point in the development of the new Unimog: outstanding efficiency and maximum flexibility.

The Unimog concept demonstrates its unique qualities in road-rail operations: start off by shunting heavy loads on rails, then
skip off the tracks and drive on the road to where the next rail task awaits you. Only one vehicle can do this – the Unimog from

For years, the versatile road-rail Unimog has proven itself on rail and road, convincing customers of its economy and great flexibility. Depending on the equipment and body selected, the new BlueTec 6 generation of the Unimog with its pioneering and environmentally-friendly innovations is a fully-fledged shunting vehicle or a professional workhorse for numerous applications in the field of railway infrastructure.

Perfectly tuned for towing loads of up to 1,000 t and equipped to provide outstanding working and driving comfort, the new road-rail Unimog is uniquely versatile. And decisively more economical. The road-rail Unimog isn’t just cheaper than a locomotive, it also proves its worth when it comes to running costs too – in particular thanks to much lower fuel and service product consumption. Even in terms of maintenance, service and regular intermediate and main inspections, the Unimog saves you a packet compared to a shunting locomotive. And not least because you can drive the vehicle yourself to a Service Partner near you. The road-rail Unimog is an investment which pays off.

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Our thanks to South Cave Tractors road rail Unimog customers McCulloch Rail and Crossrail Ltd for photography permissions.

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Case Study

The first road-rail Unimog from the BlueTec 6 generation with shunting equipment and remote control gets down to work. With over 600 employees, Sasol Germany specialises amongst other things in the production of fatty alcohols and their derivatives, as well as highly pure aluminium oxides. The company deals with a large part of its logistics by rail.

For over 10 years Sasol has been using a road-rail Unimog U 400 for shunting its tank wagons round the plant. And in Brunsbüttel this appears to have been a positive experience as now the U 400 is to be given the support of a new road-rail U423. There are many reasons for making this investment. On the one hand, one important factor for the company was the environmentally-friendly Euro VI technology with its reduced emissions; on the other hand, other important criteria were the improved traction of the U 423 which allows it to carry greater payloads as well as other innovations.

The Unimog is the right shunting vehicle for Sasol’s requirements as the Unimog ensures an especially quick turnover at a loading point: This professional road-rail vehicle can transfer quickly and easily between rails and roads in the plant which makes it much more efficient than a rail-bound vehicle. The low fuel consumption of the Unimog also contributes to its overall economic efficiency.

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Professional implement carrier.

The road-rail Unimog is suited to the most varied of tasks – from work involving the rail infrastructure to jobs around plant sites. From maintenance of overhead lines using elevated work platforms to clearing snow with a snow plough or rotating implements. From cutting overhead clearance areas to operation as a recovery vehicle or even assisting in plant construction. Vehicles with fire-fighting bodies are also available.

Endless possibilities. Whether purely an implement carrier or a shunting vehicle with additional implements and mounted bodies such as a crane, snow plough or front boom, a road-rail Unimog offers almost endless possibilities. And to keep it that way, the implement carrier concept comes complete with various attachment and mounting areas, as well as integrated standardised interfaces for implement drives and controls. Maximum power transfer is guaranteed by the mechanical front PTO with an output of 160 kW. Further PTOs are also available in the form of both engine and transmission-driven PTOs, as well as up to four separate hydraulics circuits.

If required, all implements can be changed in the shortest of times thanks to the Unimog rapid-change system. The Unimog can therefore be used to full capacity 365 days of the year and thus ensures the greatest possible cost-effectiveness. Work in comfort. Excellent visibility of all attachments, ergonomic layout of all control elements, fully climatised cab: driving comfort and convenient operation are just as important to the Unimog as safety during implement operation. The new Unimog BlueTec 6 features EasyDrive, a synergetic traction drive which has been fine-tuned to meet the vehicle’s operating requirements. The system unites the advantages of a fuel-efficient unimog_Euro6_Catenary
manual gearbox with those of a stepless hydrostatic traction drive and thereby allows for swift changes while the vehicle is in motion. Road-sweeping, tree cutting or snow cutting operations are noticeably more comfortable as the hydrostatic traction drive allows precise and smooth working at speeds between 0 and 50 km/h.

Customer specific solutions. Traction clutch for shunting higher loads in industrial operations? Towing a metro train up an extreme 12 percent gradient? Smooth remote operation of the road-rail Unimog from an elevated work platform or cherry picker basket as part of inspections on the rail network? Re-railing derailed wagons using the vehicle’s PTOs? The road-rail Unimog is ready to take on any challenge you throw at it.

If you have a question about the benefits a Road Rail Unimog can bring to your business then give us a call or contact us.

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