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Multi-Purpose Unimog in the Municipal Sector:

The 365-days-a-year workhorse

Versatile and reliable for highways and Municipal roles.


There are many areas where you might find the multi-purpose Unimog in the Municipal sector:  Municipal and Highways operations cover a wide variety of different roles and many among them demand Unimog’s stock-in-trade: High road speeds, variable terrain, multiple mounting points, powerful and controllable hydraulic systems and a variety of PTO drive options providing a wealth of opportunities and potential new revenue streams for the highways contractor. Not only that but Unimog drives itself to the work site, quickly and efficiently, carrying all of its own tools and implements, even, possibly towing another trailer behind it with additional highways kit.


Clean and powerful Euro 6 engines deliver incredible reliability, fuel economy and 1400 hours between services. The mounting points and multiple drives systems mean that triple mowing decks can be used in one efficient pass. When Unimog is used around-the-clock and around-the-year in a variety of highways roles, it can deliver a level of productivity and profit that few machines can match.


Safety is one of the key requirements of modern highways operations and here, too, Unimog delivers: All wheel ABS disc brakes for starters. Then there is the very large glass area giving maximum visibility, the short nose reduces the distance to the front-mounted implement for better control and visibility. Coil spring suspension not allows increased suspension travel but also allows for a greater degree of steering turn lock-to-lock. This, coupled with a short wheelbase, short overhang and narrow track dimensions allows for very small turning circle and hence, great maneuverability. On high speed roads and motorways the Unimogs rigid ladder chassis, high-backed air suspended seat and 3 point safety belt protects its driver from rear impact while working on the hard-shoulder, unlike a traditional tractor where the driver sits at the rear of the vehicle and nearest to the point of impact.

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Ready for any challenge. The Unimog.

Unimog has the onboard PTO power, hydraulic services, mounting points and manoeuvrability for Gritter/Spreaders, Snow Brushes and Snow Cutter-Blowers. And you can be sure that Unimog will actually get you to the problem area when many other winter machines are cut off by…well…by heavy snow. That’s why Unimog and manufacturers of quality winter equipment such as Schmidt, Zaugg and Karlbacher open up the Grossglockner pass each year with a range of extremely capable vehicles.

The new Unimog for winter services. A sudden onset of winter, black ice, snow storms – for keeping roads clear in winter the Unimog’s permanent all-wheel drive, differential locks and single tyres, with snow chains as optional extras, as well as the powerful mechanical and hydraulic drives, the Unimog is able to combat chaotic road conditions in winter.  The Unimog has a snowplough relief at its disposal which transfers part of the weight to the front axle. This increases the traction and driving stability of the vehicle and reduces wear and tear on both road surface and snowplough.

Compact and manoeuvrable (even more so with a rear steering axle option fitted), the Unimog is excellent for towns and villages as well as the more remote and difficult to reach locations.

The simple fact is that Unimog will arrive at speed under its own power, not on the back of a low loader that will be stranded long before it reaches the trouble spot.

The list of equipment design and manufacture for Unimog is impressive and covers gritter spreaders, both full demount and smaller designs that drop into a rear body; straight snow ploughs, Vee ploughs and adjustable ploughs, snow brushes, de-icing units and more.

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