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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

South Cave Tractors Ltd Business Continuity and Coronavirus (COVID-19) 15/10/2020 UPDATE !

Dear Customer

This information is to advise you of the latest amendments and updates we have introduced to enhance our Covid-19 safety protocols since they were first issued back in March.

-Visitors are encouraged to download the Government Covid-19 track and trace App and use it wherever they go.  Our staff have been instructed to do the same.  Our location ‘QR’ Code is located on the front door and the reception desk for you to scan upon arrival.

-No visitor to SCT should enter via the workshop.  Access must be through the office only and a mask or facial covering must be worn upon entry and throughout their visit unless told to otherwise.

-There should be no physical contact with customers, delivery drivers or other visitors coming on site.  If contact is made then use the available hand-washing facilities, sanitising wipes and hand sanitiser gel.  These are available around the premises.

-Notices have been posted in the offices and toilet areas to make people aware of their responsibility.

-If you feel unwell please refer to the government website for symptoms and action to be taken, inform via phone call or text if you have to self-isolate.

-The canteen area, offices, workshop and vehicles will be kept as clean as possible.  All vehicles must be cleaned with wipes when we have used them, or they are to be handed over.  Our contract driver supplier, Ward-Woolston has been operating our Covid-19 handover protocols for some months now.

-The workshop team are responsible for the cleanliness of their separate work areas which are to be cleaned regularly.  The sharing of tools, welders, computers and other equipment is to be kept to a minimum.

-Customer’s vehicle must leave their keys with the vehicle.  The vehicle and keys will be sanitised before any work commences.                                                                                         

-Where food is consumed on the premises any litter should be put into one of the many bins located around the premises.  Our dedicated team member will dispose of appropriately.

-We will continue to observe the 2 metre distancing rules.  Mask and gloves are available if we need to work very short term near each other which sometimes unavoidable.


-For the health and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues, friends and family we hope you continue to take this situation as seriously as we do both at work and at home.

South Cave Tractors Ltd.


Ongoing Business Activities:

  • Our offices and workshops will continue to operate with reduced staff for the foreseeable future and we will do our best to take care of you and your Unimog vehicle.  If you need servicing or repair of your Unimog for the coming weeks then still please contact our service department via phone or email only. 
  • Spare parts are still available to order. We have a good stock of components available for despatch from our own stores and from Mercedes-Benz.
  • We are still on hand to give you technical support and advice when it comes to your own repairs and maintenance so give us a call.
  • Customer site visits in essential cases will be accepted, again please contact us.
  • We are aware that the country needs to keep moving, no matter what business you are in but priority might be given to specific vehicles in certain vital sectors, such as Emergency Services and Utilities etc.
  • Shows and events are being cancelled across the country and into the summer and beyond so we will not be attending any shows or trade events for the foreseeable future.

Health and Safety Protocols:

  • South Cave Tractors has implemented a no visitor’s policy, all scheduled meetings will be arranged via a telephone call or a video conference or other communication media.
  • If you need to attend to collect parts or for service you will be advised of the procedure by phone before the visit.
  • Casual callers and commercial visitors without an appointment maybe turned away.  Front doors are monitored to prevent accidental comings and goings.
  • Regular sanitising of door handles, banisters, handrails, keyboards and computers, desktops and high-contact areas is ongoing. We have implemented a one way entrance and exit to our building and are actively and extensively sanitising all areas concerned. All vehicles coming in for service work will have all hard surfaces wiped down with antibacterial wipes.
  • We are still receiving deliveries at a sensible distance and the receiver will have appropriate hand protection. No signatures will be given at this stage
  • Workshop staff should have no need to come into contact with anyone other than their immediate colleagues.  No customers or visitors will be allowed into any part of the business, parts, deliveries etc. will be left out side
  • Employees displaying any of the publicised symptoms of the virus will be sent home.  Likewise, we trust our employees to be sensible in regards to their own well-being and that of their families and to self-isolate as required.
  • Ongoing updates will be issued at intervals as any significant change occurs within the organisation via e-mail, social media.

We all would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support during this challenging time.

Tony Levitt

Managing Director

South Cave Tractors Ltd

March 2020



Utilities & Energy

Road Rail

Fire & Rescue


MULAG: Only the best quality equipment tools and equipment is good enough for your Unimog and Mulag have been manufacturing superb, highly productive and innovative technologies for road-side and rail-side maintenance for many years. As well as their superb Unimog range, South Cave Tractors also supplies Mulag’s high quality implements and attachments to suit a huge number of traditional tractor manufacturers machines.

Finance & Leasing

Mercedes-Benz Finance are the only finance partner who has the full backing of our manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, and they only finance Mercedes-Benz products. All of this means that no-one else can provide you with more in-depth product support and assistance whenever you need it.

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